ERES International Journal of Bio signal and Image Processing <p align="justify">ERES is an international journal of Bio signal and Image Processing which provide an opportunity for researchers / Authors to demonstrate their creativity and innovation in Bio signal and Image processing area. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators of networks as well as designers and implementers. The Editorial Board was instrumental in reviewing journal papers and provides overall guidance and information. The following topics covered by the journal but not limited to these are: Image coding and compression, Medical Image Processing, Image Acquisition, Super Resolution and imaging, Face Recognition, Rader image processing, Multiple filtering and filter banks, 3D and surface Reconstruction.</p> <p>Online ISSN : 2349-2236 &nbsp;|&nbsp;Print ISSN : 2349-5529</p> ERES Publications, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India en-US ERES International Journal of Bio signal and Image Processing 2349-5529 Near Field Communication(NFC) with Proposed Single Card for Multi Account <p>Today’s bank transaction is noticeably played with the utilization of an ATM card. Each account can be accessed to with the one kind ATM card . It is excessively troublesome,making it impossible to carry many cards and to recall the PIN number.The thought behind this work is that to many ledger in a solitary ATM card, so the client require not convey more cards with them and entanglement of taking care of passwords.For security, we utilize pins secret key with a figure scratch produced amid the card verification time.</p> Deepa V Ben Sujitha B Nagaraj P ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-02-10 2018-02-10 5 1 1 4 Fire Detection System Using Raspberry PI System <p><em>Internt</em><em> for things (IoT) is those system for substances that comprises from claiming electronics, programmable software, sensors, and correspondence office that empowers these substances will accumulate What's more exchange information. Those destination of the suggested framework is to caution the remote client same time those fire mishaps happen. This framework might be introduced In At whatever remote premise, which need risk about shoot mishaps. Utilizing this framework we might identify those shoot Eventually Tom's perusing those Polaroid. Thus sensors are not obliged will identify fire. The raspberry phytotoxin controller techniques those Polaroid enter What's more detects shoot utilizing high temperature marks. Toward utilizing image transforming method, the report card may be naturally created What's more sends of the man instantly after the shoot will be distinguished done any and only those span utilizing Wi-Fi/GSM. With respect to identifying fire, the framework will try under crisis mode. Those significant favorable circumstances in this technique are: sending those data of the persnickety at whatever time, At whatever spot What's more remote screening for quick movements.</em></p> Dhanujalakshmi R Ben Sujitha B Umesh R ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-02-15 2018-02-15 5 1 1 5 A Proficient Optimal Pilot Symbol with Interleaving using Walsh Hadamard Transform <p>Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO OFDM) with interleaver using Fast Walsh Hadamard Transform (FWHT) which provides low complexity spectral efficiency and error performance is proposed as the well transmission technique for energy efficient 4G wireless communication system. However due the subcarrier symbols with in a sub block eliminate the Inter carrier Interference (ICI) Here propose an interleaving technique with FWHT to minimize the Inter Antenna Interference (IAI) and the combination of WHT with interleaving is improve the performance of Bit Error Rate (BER). Meanwhile the peak to average power ratio (PAPR) of the system is also minimized. The use of WHT is to convert the multiplexing time domain into frequency domain. This is helpful to extending the Euclidean distance between the transmission symbol for detection. When BER is 10<sup>-1</sup> the gain is&nbsp;&nbsp; 2 dB is achieved. The performance is carried out by MIMO, WHT, and Pilot insertion with interleaving. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can achieve significant complexity savings while maintaining a good PAPR performance.</p> Kebila Anns Subi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-04-30 2018-04-30 5 1 1 6 Uterine Cancer: Review <p>The uterine cancer can be viewed by the ultrasound scan (or) MRI scans. The ultrasound scanned image is taken for the entire process. The ultrasound scan is more comfortable than MRI scan for diagnosis. It is not affect the human body because it does not use a radiation. Ultrasound doesn’t emit radiation. There are different types of algorithms were developed for uterine cancer detection. An ultrasound device uses sound waves that can’t be heard by humans. The sound waves make a pattern of echoes as the bounce off organs inside the pelvis. Echoes’ create a picture of uterus.</p> Akhila K R Jemila Rose R Sylaja Valli Narayan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-02-06 2018-02-06 5 1 1 3